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Maleficent 2014 Hindi Dubbed Mov

Maleficent 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie

Maleficent is a 2014 American fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg and starring Angelina Jolie as the title character. The film is a live-action reimagining of Walt Disney's 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty, which was based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. Maleficent tells the story of a powerful fairy who curses an infant princess after being betrayed by her lover, but later forms a bond with the young girl and tries to protect her from the evil forces that threaten the kingdom.

The film was released in theaters on May 30, 2014, and received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Jolie's performance, the visual effects, and the musical score, but criticized the screenplay, the direction, and the supporting cast. The film was a commercial success, grossing over $758 million worldwide, becoming the fourth-highest-grossing film of 2014 and the highest-grossing film starring Jolie. A sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, was released in 2019.

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Hindi Dubbed Version

The Hindi dubbed version of Maleficent was released in India on June 6, 2014, by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures India. The Hindi voice cast included Kajol as Maleficent, Parineeti Chopra as Princess Aurora, Randeep Hooda as King Stefan, and Rajesh Khattar as Diaval. The Hindi dubbing was supervised by Mona Ghosh Shetty, who also voiced Flittle, one of the three pixies. The Hindi dubbed version received positive reviews from Indian audiences, who appreciated the voice acting and the adaptation of the dialogues.

Where to Watch

If you want to watch Maleficent 2014 Hindi dubbed movie online, you have a few options. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar , which is a streaming service that offers a variety of Disney movies and shows in multiple languages. You can also watch it on, which is a website that provides free downloads of Hindi dubbed movies. However, be aware that this website may contain illegal or pirated content, and you may face legal consequences if you use it.

Alternatively, you can buy or rent Maleficent 2014 Hindi dubbed movie on DVD or Blu-ray from online or offline stores. You can also check your local TV listings for any upcoming broadcasts of the movie on cable or satellite channels.


Maleficent 2014 Hindi dubbed movie is a fantasy adventure that explores the origins and motivations of one of Disney's most iconic villains. The movie features stunning visuals, a captivating soundtrack, and a stellar performance by Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. The movie also has a Hindi dubbed version that features popular Bollywood actors as voice actors. You can watch Maleficent 2014 Hindi dubbed movie online or offline, depending on your preference and availability.


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