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5C1 Learn and Earn Model for Personal and Professional Development

Today's challenges of how we learn and apply what we've learned in the workplace now require new and different activities, plus new ways of doing things that were straightforward a few years ago. The mindset of building new schools or hiring millions of new teachers today will no longer solve the educational problem. Instead, educational institutions must begin installing new educational systems into the contemporary digital society, providing essential connectivity and technology for all students equally. Regardless of the learner's social origin and whether they attend a public or private school. This must also be accompanied by new instructional methods, digital and audiovisual content, innovative school management systems, growth coordinators with unique skills, and, most importantly, a solid commitment to this new educational environment.

We must look to a different future that helps us to emerge from the crisis, recover students' learning and continue to move forward. We will have goals we can only achieve by doing things differently, for which technology and digitization offer the most significant support. In short, it is a challenge and a commitment whose objective is to continue increasing investment in personal growth and development. Therefore, governments, private companies, and other civil organizations must incorporate innovative technology solutions for learning in the digital age. This way, respond to the urgent need to recover the learning of all those who have been without school, avoid massive dropouts, and build a face-to-face and digital educational future that offers more and better learning opportunities and well-being.

In this context, Learn and Earn education models offer opportunities to improve access to education and quality, narrowing the learning gaps that the pandemic has exacerbated. 5C1 Learn and Earn model can, for example, increase the system's ability to enable students to learn at their own pace, facilitating self-directed learning experiences and, in this way, providing them with critical skills for stimulating life-long learning. In addition, the 5C1 Learn and Earn model should promote a more realistic use of the learning possibilities offered by the community, and the use of digital tools, taking more significant advantage of technology to create student-centered work experiences and learning environments that are personalized, relevant, and attractive.

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