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"Balancing Educational Change: Ensuring Accountability in Implementation"

The Learning Ecosystem is going through a lot of changes, which means we need to pay more attention to how we achieve our personal and professional goals to stay relevant in this competitive environment. We now have new tools like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, and competency-based learning content. These changes need to happen in our local communities, and we should create opportunities for those interested in operating small vocational learning hubs for students. These hubs can start as early as junior high school and provide vocational skills that residents from those communities can use and trust. The main hurdle in implementing changes to education is our reluctance to let go of traditional approaches that we believe to be the right way to teach students what they need to learn. Currently, the education system is primarily focused on meeting the twelfth-grade requirements set by the State Board of Education and passed down to local school districts.

However, this approach does not consider the individual's interests and commitment to learning for long-term skill development and employment.

To overcome this challenge, we need to make bold and unapologetic changes to equip everyone with the necessary resources and guidance to own their learning process. This includes providing opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to improve their personal lives and contribute to a vibrant community of trust. Fortunately, we have access to all the tools, learning content, and expertise we need in our communities. We can utilize retired professionals as mentors, instructors, and partners in creating a community that shares resources, skills, and talents. With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and competency-based learning, we have the opportunity to change the game, but we must also change the policies and processes to involve everyone and encourage participation.

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