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Being Smart or Being Connected

These are the choices many of us must face today; as we look back over our preschool through post-graduation years, we were trained and instructed to prepare ourselves to become more competent preparing ourselves for the jobs of the industrial era. Likewise, today's learning and training requirements will require us to prepare ourselves for the information and technology world. How do we now engage these new practices of learning new basic skills plus finding ways to integrate them into our daily and regular work lives. The new challenge of keeping pace with changes now requires us to add a new component of continuous learning that supports us while learning in the flow of work. When we think about the new requirement and the need to be connected to the latest technology gadgets, I believe both will be required to assist us in understanding and engaging with those intelligent gadgets. This new environment we are linked to will need us to consider regular changes and how important it is to prepare ourselves for them. Our unique and different lifestyle experiences will condition us over time and prepare us to understand better the benefits of being connected. Being connected today allows an individual a tremendous opportunity to find, apply, and grow any personal or professional goals. We understand the emerging team concept that supports individuals coming together in support of each other achievements personally and professionally. A key element is to be innovative and connected in this fast-paced, highly secure environment where genuine, authentic relationships with human individuals will compete for marketing advertisement and flashy sales deals.

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