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Changing Our Views of Learning and Schools

When we look into the future of learning and education, we've already noticed the first change: the future of a continuous learner. But then, we must acknowledge that this new engagement in learning and development requires us to see a new learning process that may not fit our traditional classroom. When we change our mental model of how we view and interact with the unique learning sources, we can see how it will be possible to implement a personalized, competency-based, continuous learning model within your organization? Our goal will be to support and offer a different view of how we see learning, school, and education as something different and more accommodating to our everyday social lifestyle. Changing the education system to meet the needs of each learner will require personalization, and the critical metrics of every business owner will be how many trained, competent high, performing individuals we currently have within our company or organization. When that information is determined, our focus must turn to how we must start investing in the growth of the individual. This investment will require us to do something different, which will also need us to learn something new. Learning something new to apply to what we're already doing would be one of the critical metrics of innovation requiring a change or upgrade to the current process.

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