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Competent and High Performers the New Workforce Leaders

In a rapidly changing world, successful workers will increasingly be the ones who seek out problems to be solved and who come up with creative ways to solve them, at the same time, generating results. But the issues we will be asked to solve tomorrow probably won't be the problems we're currently solving today. That's why we need to continuously train and assist our workers in becoming competent, high-performing, and results-focused individuals. The work world will constantly change, and as leaders or top performers in the organization we must be adaptable and flexible. So, we'll need to learn how to continually adapt and add new information or insight creating something different. Even once we've picked the kind of work we want to perform, we must be prepared to do it in a completely different environment in the future. Now, what does it mean to be competent and high performing? Here are three characteristics.

1. Talented and high-performing workers are continually aware and always on the lookout for changes in their work environment. They ask questions and constantly try to understand their work's changing dynamics.

2. Competent and high-performing workers are continually innovating. They don't fall in love with any particular way of doing something. Instead, they're constantly looking for new ways to solve problems.

3. Have all the behaviors of a Professional Leader, knowing your starting point and working towards mastery. Assisted by the nine competencies which are critical to a successful work experience in the 21st Century.

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