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Connect and Sharing of Information the New Workforce Requirements

In our interactions and everyday environments, we believe everyone from pre-school to adults needs to be learning and communicate with the ability to share information they have required through continuous communication between themselves and those connected to them. Learning is now a constant activity. We must personally develop a mindset to constantly seek ways of obtaining new information from other sources that we can validate and be ready to add further details to what we already know. This learning method supports the ability to allow individuals to review learning offerings and select the information and path that best fits their individual growth and development. When it comes to personal growth and development, we have to own the process and assist in determining what needs to happen to ensure success in achieving our goals for self-improvement. Moving forward, having the right combination of skills and the ability to produce the desired results will be the critical element to accomplishing your engagement. The process will be essential because acquiring new information in the workplace today will be followed up by applying those skills immediately to improve the performance and procedures of the organization. In 2022 everyone is working in today's fast-paced no slowing down in the foreseeable future. Therefore, individuals will need to find the time to begin their process of self-improvement. We have introduced the 5C1 BRIDGE Learning model to train individuals to identify, select, and commit to mastering the learning competencies that allow them to become competent in their personal, professional, and skill development. To start the learning process, ensure the environment is accommodating and non-threatening to their learning styles. Then we must remind ourselves the ownership of this learning process belongs solely to the individual. When you start your reflection process, remember your commitment to mastering the content standards, which will qualify you to perform at a consistent and acceptable level of performance in the 2022 modern workplace.

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