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Consider 5C1 BRIDGE (LXP) from a Bottom-up Approach.

The Bottom-Up approach allows the 5C1 BRIDGE (LXP) model to focus directly on the individual and their learning needs. Engaging the individual through the platform enables the concept to focus on interaction with the user and other team members on the collaborative platform, connecting them to resources and information on the internet. The goal is to create that personal and relaxing learning experience using the latest technology and interactive software. Combining these components is the connection needed to support the learner where they are academics. Identifying the learner's needs is accomplished through algorithms that help the user engage in the bottom-up approach and drive the search result and related content in the direction of the requestor. This nontraditional learning approach defines technology's role

while supporting the concept of delivering personalized, continuous, and competency-based content. This type of learning takes place using modern technology that has the ability and capacity to provide the correct information in the proper format for the user to understand and apply that newly discovered knowledge later. Suppose your goal is engaging users in a continuous learning process that support and allows them to be accountable for their accomplishments. In that case, there are the proper steps towards preparing individuals to be agile and trained for the skills and jobs for the future. Deciding where to start, consider the 5C1 BRIDGE (LXP) In-House Learning POD.

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