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Do Not be Afraid to Change the Process

When the foundation becomes fragile, whatever is lying underneath has an opportunity to surface up to the top. We cannot afford to continue having fire and clearance sales with our educational system. We must recognize that one means of providing educational services may not work for everyone the same, so here is where we must consider an alternative approach for those who did not find a good fit within the traditional educational system. We start by being open to change and viewing things differently than what our current mental model of education appears, which is something that will take us back in time. Today we believe everyone (Pre/K-Adult) needs to learn new things and continuously share information. Doing this adds value to themselves and the business process they engage in at work. Learning is continuous today. We must constantly develop a mindset to seek out new information that will add to what we already know and have mastered from the past is what we believe creates the path for individual growth and development.

Regarding growth and development, we must first own the process to determine our goals and objective for self-improvement. Looking forward to finding the right environment to begin your engagement will be critical because acquiring new information in the workplace today will be followed up by applying those skills immediately to improve the organization's performance. In 2023 everyone working in today's fast-paced environment will need to find the time to begin their self-improvement process. Here at the 5C1 Center4Growth, we introduced our learning model, 5C1 BRIDGE (LXP) Learning POD. Personal, Professional, and Skill development measures an individual's ability to perform their job to the highest standards. To start the learning process, individuals must find the learning environment accommodating and non-threatening to their learning styles. We must remember the ownership of this learning process belongs solely to the individual. We believe when you commit to the operation of mastering the standards, you will qualify yourself to perform at a consistent and acceptable level in the 2023 modern workplace.

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