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Formal or Informal ?

Today's informal learning may no longer be a tough decision for individuals to determine what type of education will be best. You can receive a high-quality education if conducted outside the traditional school structure. We know well that mastering the 21st-century essential competencies will prepare you for the modern workplace. They are the social skills everyone thinks we're missing and cover the SEL skillset. We have discovered, and some have known for a long time, that learning new thing comes in many forms and different ways. It was interesting when I witnessed a two or three-year child scream to the top of their voice in the supermarket until the child-mother handed over her cellular phone. Then, the child became silent, and the mother continued her shopping. The moral of the story is we learn new things from our everyday interactions, technology, AI, machine learning, and videos. These modern-day technology tools are vital in assisting us in self-directed, competency-based, and personalized learning. The micro-video sessions allow us to replay critical points as many times as it may take to really comprehend and fully understand the learning objective, then I'll move on to the next challenge. Here is something new for you today LEARNING HAS CHANGED.

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