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MindNurture: A Community Learning Ecosystem Build on Accountability

MindNurture Community Learning Ecosystem is the gathering place and social interaction hub for a community of like-minded individuals. Our goal is to build a Community Learning platform that supports the development of individual work performance, health, wellness,  and digital skills development. Join the MindNurture community and experience the power of identity verification for all, ensuring all actors on the platform have been verified and building a trust network between individuals and the learning community. By supporting personalized learning the individual has acquired

access to learning tools, and content to help with their understanding of the materials, with the addition of blockchain technology designed to store, verify,  showcase, and award digital credentials for completing learning paths and courses. Our accountability system for managing and granting individuals credentials based on their ability to complete their learning competencies will automatically receive digital badges. Remaining relevant in the 21st century ensures all community members can engage in the development of their digital skills and a continuous learning process. Creating a community where community-based businesses replace family-based businesses and hiring members from the communities will keep the economic engine rolling, starting long-term sustainment.

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