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Owning the Learning Process

Who makes that a reality when information is shared, acquired, and retained? The Individual Receiver. When learning something new for upcoming changes is required, who is preparing to engage and receive that information? The Individual Receiver. When meaningful learning occurs, who shows the most commitment to its accomplishments? The Individual Receiver

The Individual receiver needs to own the learning process. Leaders quickly acknowledge that one of their most challenging objectives today is encouraging the use of and acquiring the right learning resources for all levels of workers and managers. They are providing resources that individuals can understand and engage in based on information needed now. This level of resource availability is designed to assist them in establishing a personal process for continuous growth and development in all areas of their personal and professional lives. Access to information and resources in a time of need supports knowledge gains, creative thinking, and problem-solving regardless of where the activities occur. Engaging in a process designed for your success encourages responsibility, which makes ownership and accountability appropriate and meaningful for personal and career growth.

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