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Rebuilding Urban, Rural, and Small Communities with Competent and Skilled Individuals

It is crucial to recognize that knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to comprehend and apply newfound knowledge are not confined to public or private spheres. They transcend political affiliations, be they democratic or republican, as they serve as the wellspring for creating and expanding new opportunities to help community members better. A promising development on the horizon is the advent of Web3, the next generation of internet activities. Web3 is designed to foster creative ideas, empower individual startups, and facilitate collaborative efforts among individuals who establish their Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It enables personal connections to work and learning opportunities, catering to the specific needs of communities.

When the occasion arises for us to share our skills, knowledge, and ability to drive positive change in various communities, we must seize the opportunity. We should focus on training our students in smaller settings, employing a process that cultivates competence and expertise in individuals. We mustn't let such opportunities elude us by fixating on matters unrelated to the needs of our community. It is time to shift our mindset and explore possibilities instead of fixating on barriers and restrictive regulations that impede progress. Embracing Web3 activities will transform how we learn, grow, and thrive.

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