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Sharing Information on Preventing Cyber-Attacks in the Education Sector

According to The74, a nonprofit news organization that covers America's education system from early childhood through college and career, new data suggests that school districts are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to poor cybersecurity practices and a willingness to pay ransom demands. School districts are now the prime target for hackers. Last month, data revealed that 80% of schools were victims of ransomware attacks last year. This is a significant increase from 2021 when only 56% of schools were victims. The rate has doubled in the last two years, making ransomware attacks the most significant cyber risk facing educational providers today. The rate of victimization in schools was higher than in any other surveyed industry, including health care, technology, financial services, and manufacturing.

To prevent ransomware attacks, the educational sector can turn to Blockchain Technology. By using a permission-based Blockchain Technology platform, educational institutions can significantly reduce the risk of ransomware attacks. Private or consortium blockchains offer a different security profile from permissionless blockchains. They provide a controlled environment with restricted access, which enhances their security features. Access Control in a permissioned blockchain restricts access to specific users, organizations, or entities, which limits who can participate in the network and under what conditions. Secondly, Identity Verification is required for all participants, which increases accountability and reduces anonymity, deterring malicious activities. Reduced risk attacks are possible since network participants are known and vetted, which significantly reduces the risk of attacks common in public blockchains, like the 51% attack. It's essential to make changes that will ensure the safety of our learning participants. We live in a time when we must consider shared solutions and be unafraid to make necessary changes.

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