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The Critical Step before becoming Skilled

In today's mad rush to obtain personal, professional, or technical skills, the requirements for obtaining those skills are in very high demand. The missing and sometimes overlooked step of "Competency" is being knowledgeable in that career field. Becoming competent

will require individuals to now take a different approach to develop skills that would be necessary while displaying knowledge that enhances their ability to remain efficient and innovative in the process of critically thinking through solutions and providing real-time results. This new mindset of accomplishing things may also require us to accept new positions and become qualified in new and different professions. The changes have already begun to challenge what we know as individuals, the learning process, and the systems supporting them. The method used to engage in the activity in the past can cause individuals to be unsure or lack confidence in their abilities. Individuals now seek other options for acquiring the information and access to the digital tools needed to support their growth. This process of owning your growth and development and overseeing what's learned will always allow you to have personal control over what seems uncontrollable in some situations. Understanding, we must continue the work of accomplishing results while in the flow of our everyday activities. Engaging in the 5C1 learning process, which nurtures a person's ability to improve behavior and performance by mastering competencies, will always support and enhance our internal standards as we participate in this modern-day environment.

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