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When Change is Required

Total Change without looking back at the past but simply looking forward to what we need to accomplish to turn our education and learning system around, so it has real meaning. At 5C1 Center4Growth, we realize that we no longer need to test the individual's ability to recall passed discussed information during the session. We quickly understood that we need to assist the individuals in learning how to discover what's possible with the information and knowledge they already possess, plus their added experience. The idea of catching up with individuals who have missed learning opportunities in the past will not cover the learning gap today. We need to start engaging in a daily process of finding and adding newly discovered information to what we already know and feel comfortable engaging continuously. Then we need to create a new method of personal and professional growth by applying those new findings and work processes, plus considering how we should constantly grow our knowledge and skills while learning in the flow of work or study. By simply adding newly discovered information to what we already know and possess, supported by technology and artificial intelligence, I would acknowledge that making progress without going back to the past will be a breeze.

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