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When Leaders Make Tough Decisions

Decision-making for today's leader is what you believe is correct and factual, then apply that to make the challenging decision; after consulting with critical individuals, make the call and do not give it a second thought. When you come to that decision point, and it's tough to make, you must always base the decision on the solution that will provide you with the best results. Today I think we face a very similar situation and decision point to transition into the things that will allow us to be a competitive and thriving environment at work. What does competitiveness and being competent have to do with being able to make tough decisions? Today when we face new opportunities for advancement, we somehow cannot connect and take advantage of these changing work situations. One thing is becoming apparent as we move toward utilizing higher-order thinking skills as part of our daily work process. As leaders, we must make available the time and opportunity for employees to start learning and incorporating those higher-order thinking skills that complement handling the vast amount of information generated every minute. A tough decision for leaders today is responding to situations without applying the critical thinking process needed for solving major or minor problems. These skills are essential to understanding problem-solving and providing the best solutions. These higher-order thinking skills need to be taught in our institutions today, or the lack of not teaching these skills will mean gaps in our understanding of what's going on in our daily work environment. As leaders, we must own the process of changing the direction to ensure our employees know how these skills support their knowledge and skills development. When we acquire new information and must decide what we will do, what decision will we make? Will that decision be based on what I already know, or will that decision look forward to what I need to have in place for us to continue achieving our overall objective? To make a decision that may not be popular with you or other teammates, but it's the decision that will allow the team to move forward and enable the company to achieve its overall objectives. When leaders make tough decisions, we must know that the basis for all our choices is for the advancement and development of others, our team mission, and our overall company objective. You can begin mastering this process by engaging in the 5C1 BRIDGE Learning Pod.

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