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When Leadership and Professional Development Programs No longer Exist.

Leadership and professional development are now or will be considered new personal development. These two methods of developing skills and traits have merged to support individuals' development in the 21st century. They must think critically about problems that may arise while completing assignments and offer new and tested ideas to other team and group members. Assisting them in their learning journey and offering opportunities for personal growth paves the way for competent, self-directed individuals capable of identifying problems and offering creative solutions. Through this process, individuals will add personal accountability to their learning and development process.

One of the first lessons we learned today is that there might not be a single program or model to follow that is offered by the company's L&D team. The leadership style needed in today's companies and organizations will reflect the Servant leadership style. The leadership style needed for the modern workplace will require individuals to be willing and open to remove barriers and ensure the doors are open for all individuals to continue their journey by learning and engaging in new and different ideals and information. The ability to acquire the skills and develop the talent needed to create and engage in consistently competitive environments will allow individuals to achieve their desired results and place their other team members on the path to becoming winners. Championing their personal goals and accomplishments allows and supports maintaining the company's competitive objectives for the new 21st-century marketplace.

Start this process by personally engaging and learning the foundational components of working and managing employment requirements in the 21st century and beyond. We’ve designed a 21st Starter Kit for individuals who choose to move forward with their new personal development plan of becoming competent, talented, and skilled individuals capable of handling and maintaining their personal development in the 21st Century. Visit our website,, and start your personal growth for the modern workplace.

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